Home Monitoring

Many things separate professional home security from DIY home security, but one tops the list: home monitoring.

With home alarm monitoring, you have the assurance that a network of trained and dedicated professionals will help you protect your family and home. Security monitoring puts at your disposal a team of dispatchers, technicians and other security experts who share one overriding goal: to provide effective home security and peace of mind for every customer.

Thanks to technological advances, consumers also enjoy flexibility in home monitoring service. Landline or wireless, home monitoring technology has the technology to accommodate your needs.

You don’t have to do it yourself or go it alone. Learn more about home monitoring with the help of Home Security 911 and find out if having a team of professionals on your side is the right choice for you.

The benefits of home alarm monitoring

You could say that the value of home monitoring speaks for itself, but plenty of voices are willing to speak on its behalf.

Law enforcement officials and criminologists can attest to the effectiveness of home security monitoring. The same holds true for the millions of Americans who rely on home security systems to help maintain the safety of people and property.

The evidence supporting home security monitoring includes facts such as :

  • Every year, professional monitoring centers respond to tens of thousands of crimes in progress at their customers’ homes and businesses.
  • At a monitored home, security monitoring means more than added protection against burglary. Home alarm monitoring centers also stand guard against threats such as carbon monoxide, fire, flooding and medical emergencies.
  • Research by the consumer website 6Webs.com lists reliable 24-hour monitoring as one of the most important features that homeowners look for in a security system.
  • Installing a security system could make you eligible for substantial home insurance discounts — in some cases, as much as 20 percent. A system that includes home monitoring will certainly get the attention of your insurance agent.

As you can see, home monitoring has the endorsement of consumers, law enforcement and the insurance industry. Learn more and see whether you’d like to add your voice to theirs.

Home security monitoring keeps getting better

Years ago, a typical home security provider operated only one small monitoring center, and threat protection covered nothing but burglary and fire. Before the days of wireless, home monitoring systems relied exclusively on hard-wired connections.

Progress and technology have brought a lot of changes to home alarm monitoring, all of them for the better.

Wireless home monitoring

As the number of landline telephones has declined, the home security industry has responded. Homeowners without landline service can choose wireless home monitoring, an option that connects their homes to alarm monitoring centers using cellular signals. In some cases, landline homes can utilize the wireless home monitoring feature as an emergency backup.

Keeping homeowners connected

Modern technology lets homeowners play a larger role in monitoring their homes. They can get visual input through surveillance cameras with monitors that use the same HD technology as their flatscreen TVs. Remote access features give homeowners the ability to manage their security systems on-the-go with tablets and smartphones.

Decide whether home security monitoring is for you

In 2011, a report by the research firm Parks Associates predicted that 30 percent of U.S. households would have professionally monitored security services by the year 2020. That figure estimates a growth factor of more than 50 percent.

The facts and trends point to an unmistakable conclusion — namely, that home alarm monitoring offers enhanced protection and greater peace of mind. If you’d like to take advantage of these benefits, contact a home security provider today.